Friday, February 19, 2016

February Maintenance Update

Golf Course Maintenance Update
The rains that the golf course has had revealed some drains that need to be worked on.  On the 7th hole a large 15 inch diameter pipe failed and created a sink hole to the right of the cartpath near the forward tee.  The maintenance staff dug up and replaced the bad piece of pipe.


Also, discovered, was a drain on the 13th hole on the right side of the fairway.  A 4 inch drain line is being replaced because tree roots grew into it causing a serious blockage.

An important project that we have wanted to take care of for a while was to replace some of the old style irrigation controllers.  They have been in place for 30 years and corrosion is taking its toll on the metal pipes that support the top section.  In at least one case a controller is being held up by re-bar and another is literally held together with duct tape!  We replaced a total of 3 controllers on the course: 2 on the second hole and 1 on the eleventh hole.  Below is an example of the before and after appearance.

Weeds are popping up everywhere.  We have started spraying the areas with selective herbicides to control the outbreak.  We will continue this process as the weather permits.

Aerification season is just around the corner with the greens scheduled to start on March 22nd.  We will be aerating roughs and tees as weather permits starting soon.

The yardage marker posts on the sides of the fairways are being removed from the golf course so that they can be given a fresh coat of paint.  We are doing it in stages; meaning one side of the fairway at a time.  When the first batch is done, they will be replaced and the rest brought in for painting.
The benches will also be receiving some attention shortly.  We appreciate your understanding.

I am still seeing a lot of people overwatering their yards.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to reduce the watering days or shut off their irrigation timers during wet wintry weather. The golf course has not applied any water with the irrigation system in weeks.  Your plants and grass will do fine with minimal water during this time of the year.

Rec 800 has begun the process of lowering the lakes on the golf course.  They do this every year to allow for maintenance purposes. 
**UPDATE** The warm weather as required us to postpone the aquatic weed control application on the north lakes to keep a pump station available to irrigate the golf course.  Rec 800 will begin refilling the south lakes during the first week of March.  We will then lower the north lakes for treatment and repairs.

Rip rap installation has been an ongoing maintenance project.  The areas that benefited recently are in front of #13 tee and adjacent to the fairway on the 14th hole.  We have a large stockpile of rock in the maintenance area ready to be installed around the course.  The maintenance department will continue with its installation as a filler project.  Targeted areas are: the rest of the lake to the west of the 12th hole, the lake banks adjacent to Emerald Court, and the lake bank between holes 5 and 8.  The rip rap is used for erosion control and beautification.

It would be greatly appreciated if all members using power carts would always keep all 4 tires on the paths when near the greens and tees.  There is no need to pull onto the turf when parking to tee off or putt.

Please do your best to repair your ball marks, also encourage your families and guests to repair their ball marks and at least 2 others on each green during your round.  It takes almost no time to do and helps to keep the greens in the best possible condition for all players.
Also, I am happy to see so many divots being filled with the sand and seed mix.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  As usual, do not use the sand and seed mix on the tees.

We have a weather station that is monitoring and recording the local conditions.  It is connected to the internet so anyone can view it to see current conditions.  The link is:

Don’t forget to check the golf course maintenance department blog. The link to it is:

Follow me on twitter; I am @dbgccsuper, for instant updates of conditions.

Thank you for your time.
Chris Mains
Golf Course Superintendent

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