Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Maintenance Update

Golf Course Maintenance Update

Happy Fall everyone!  The golf course has received its first significant rainfall of the season and the total for the last event was 0.98 inches.  That is a great start and should go a long way in flushing salts out of the root zone and helping water all of the seed that was applied.

Speaking of seed, the golf course maintenance staff has been busy for the last few weeks putting seed out in the bare areas throughout the property.  We have been putting out lots of signs and ropes to protect those areas.  However, some areas did not get ropes or signs as it would have been overkill or impractical.  We ask that those of you in power carts please do your best to not drive through those areas.  This will go a long way in helping with germination and maturation of the new grass plants.

The club recently purchased a new topdressing machine that will allow us to apply sand to the greens and tees more frequently and a lot more efficiently.  The benefit to you is less disruption of play from the process and consistently smoother greens. 

It is that time of the year when homeowners should be reducing the frequency of their yard watering’s.  We have numerous areas of the golf course that cannot be mowed due to runoff from adjacent yards.  The golf course is only watering on an as-needed basis now which is every 3-4 days.  It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could adjust their irrigation timers accordingly.

You may have noticed that the Ladie’s and Men’s Memorial benches were removed from the golf course recently.  This was done because they were literally crumbling and about ready to fall apart.  Several members are working closely with the country club on a replacement plan.  We want to let everyone know that the plaques that were on the benches have been saved.  **Update – The new Men’s Memorial bench has been places out on the 17th tee area.  We will begin installation of the new brick pavers on the Ladies Memorial bench in early November.  The bench will be installed once the pavers are installed.

The club had to remove 2 trees from the course during the month of October that were beginning to fall down.  The tree behind the green on the 6th hole began leaning more towards a house after strong winds.  The same thing happened to a very large pine tree near the fence on the 15th hole.  If that tree went over it would have taken out the fence and blocked Cherry Hills Drive.
The club also hired a contractor to grind down all of the stumps that were scattered around the course.  A total of 45 were removed.  The crew then filled the holes with soil and seeded the areas.

Rip rap installation has been an ongoing maintenance project.  The areas that benefited recently are in front of #13 tee and adjacent to the fairway on the 14th hole.  We have a large stockpile of rock in the maintenance area ready to be installed around the course.  The maintenance department will continue with its installation as a filler project.  Targeted areas are: the rest of the lake to the west of the 12th hole, the lake banks adjacent to Emerald Court, and the lake bank between holes 5 and 8.  The rip rap is used for erosion control and beautification.

It would be greatly appreciated if all members using power carts would always keep all 4 tires on the paths when near the greens and tees.  There is no need to pull onto the turf when parking to tee off or putt.

Please do your best to repair your ball marks, also encourage your families and guests to repair their ball marks and at least 2 others on each green during your round.  It takes almost no time to do and helps to keep the greens in the best possible condition for all players.
Also, I am happy to see so many divots being filled with the sand and seed mix.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  As usual, do not use the sand and seed mix on the tees.

We have a weather station that is monitoring and recording the local conditions.  It is connected to the internet so anyone can view it to see current conditions.  The link is: http://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KCADISCO10#history

Don’t forget to check the golf course maintenance department blog. The link to it is: http://dbgccmaintenance.blogspot.com/

Follow me on twitter; I am @dbgccsuper, for instant updates of conditions.

Thank you for your time.
Chris Mains
Golf Course Superintendent


Friday, April 24, 2015

Fairway Aerification: Deep Tine Style

I am sure many of you have noticed the new machine that we have been using to aerify the fairways. 

In the past we have used a different machine that pulled cores and left a big mess that needed to be cleaned up.  That technique is fine and effective to a certain degree but also created a lot of extra labor with the cleanup efforts.  Also, the depth of the hole was at best only 4 inches.  Another thing to consider is the water table and the constant removal of soil without adding any back.  The result is an overall lowering of the rootzone during the past 30 years closer to the water table and the sodium that accumulates there.  Remember that we are only a few feet above sea level here, so we don't want to remove any more soil.  Really, we should be adding material in the form of regular topdressing of the fairways to raise the rootzone up away from the water table.

In the meantime, the club decided to rent a deep tine aerator for the fairways this year.  The machine was setup with solid 1/2" diameter tines that are 10" long.  The solid tine means that no cores are being pulled that need to be cleaned up.  The machine operates on the principle of a shatter effect to create a cracking in the soil profile to enhance gas exchange.  
The solid tine is forced into the ground approximately 6 to 8 inches and then the tines are kicked forward and backward to shatter the soil.  A much larger surface area is exposed compared to traditional aerification.

Another big benefit of this modern technique is the ability to do all the fairways in approximately 40 hours.  It allowed us to get the job done sooner so we could move on to other important projects.

Here is a short video of the machine in operation on the 9th fairway.

I hope this helps you with any questions you may have had during the fairway aerification this year.

Chris Mains